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The automobile was on the rise in the 20's. the ford model t produced by Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company from 1908 to 1927 became one of the most popular models of the decade.

in 1920 Great metropolitan centres dominated the nation with 15% of the entire population. Many saw this as a great sales chances for making money.

towards the mid-1920's, Designs were pure and geometric. Artists began expanded ideas, discovering what demonstrated potential.

the look for a woman was very conservative- hair up, tight corsets, in the early 1900's. corsets passed, hemlines raised, and necklines became much lower in the 20's. Flappers(young rebellious women) wore lighter/brighter dresses with accesories and jewelry.

After a few hundred years of a certain type of music the rise of jazz started.This was a positive aspect because as the musical style changed, those musically educated were not afraid of playing what they wanted

Rise in music as entertainment, especially dancing. a new rise in dancing with the outbreak of the tangoand the Charleston became popular after they were featured in movies

its use for military and communication during war, now the efficiency and supply was the 1920s, the radio was used widely for entertainment like: advertisements, newspapers, music, listening to the news.

the development of airplanes was of great importance for battles in world war one. In early 1920s, they were more reliable and capable of flying longer times and distances.