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two lit candles on a cake plate in front of a christmas tree with pine cones and greenery
5 Simple DIY Holiday Centerpieces - Kristen Hewitt
Use your cake plate to decorate! Add some greenery, pine cones and candles and you have a rustic chic DIY centerpiece!
two pictures with candles and flowers in them
35 Christmas Decorating Ideas We Bet You Haven't Thought Of
Want to display multiple candles at varying heights? A great way to do this is with cake stands! #Centerpieces #Christmas
an assortment of fruit on a table in front of a window with candles and wine bottles
Joulukoteja ja sisustuksia
Keltainen talo rannalla: Joulukoteja ja sisustuksia
a kitchen sink sitting under a window next to a white bowl filled with cookies on top of a counter
a white couch sitting in front of a window covered in christmas decorations and lights on the windowsill
Bring a little twinkle to overcast skies with the help of some golden tree ornaments. If you use an extendable shower curtain rod inside the window frame, you can hang IKEA ornaments so they don’t get in the way of the curtains. Attach the decorations using fishing line, so they appear to float. And they are really easy to put up and take down
three glass cubes with candles and balls in them on a marble table top next to a furry animal
Scandinavian Simplicity
Scandinavian Simplicity
a room filled with lots of plants and lights
Somista jouluinen parveke
Somista parveke jouluksi. - Decorate your balcony for Christmas. Photo Timo Villanen
a white ottoman with candles and ornaments on it
Silver X-mas - Home White Home-blog
two photos of a child decorating a christmas tree on the facebook page, and then sharing it with friends
Doing it this year. Live in an apartment. I might just do this for our tree instead of getting a real/fake one.
the table is set for christmas dinner with red and white place settings, silverware and candles
Seven Gorgeous Christmas and Holiday Tablescape Ideas. At Magnolia Market last month I found these gorgeous mini candle wreaths and had to have them. It inspired this red holiday table I have created this season.
some lights that are on the side of a window
24 Fun Ideas Bringing The Christmas Spirit into Your Kitchen
As we know, we are only one month away until Christmas Eve, and now is the right time to start to preparing for the Christmas party. Christmas is always the most happiest time to decorate your home. Every year we try to outdo ourselves in decorating holiday home that would instantly catch our guests’ eyes. […]