Nappula candleholders, come in small and large, see our website i

Iittala's delightful Nappula candleholder was designed by Matti Klenell. He drew his inspiration for the round shape from the legs of a peculiar table he saw while visiting the Nuutajärvi glass museum.

Kassa light in red h25cm. See

Essence glasses from Iittala have been designed to express a remarkable sense of balance with the stem and base being of the same size on each.

Tree hook, Great for the hallway and a Christmas Tree when needed

Tree wall coathanger-Design Michael Young and Katrin Petursdottir for Swedese

All on table available from The red is only for a limited period.

This Iittala holiday table setting captures 2013 Finland nicely.

Beautiful lamp and bulb for those long winter evenings. See table lamps

Muuto 1900 kr Cosy in Grey bordslampa i gruppen Belysning / Lampor / Bordslampor hos