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Finnish...probably the official language of Hell. Haha. Just kidding. :-)

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"Elämä ilman saunaa tuntuu minusta mahdottomalta." ("Life without sauna seems to me impossible.") -- Urho Kekkonen, former Prime Minister and longest-serving President of Finland. Awarded the Lenin Peace Prize in 1979 (comparable to the Nobel Peace Prize). #sauna #quotes

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Not exactly correct on some of the translations, but a pretty good depiction of the craziness of the Finnish language

You know you're Finnish when 80C (180F) in sauna is chilly, but 20C (70F) outside is freaking hot.

You know you're Finnish when... | via Tumblr The first part "epäjärjestelmä..." basically means "disorganized". As far as the rest of the word... beats me! I'm not Finnish born and since my parents are now long gone, I'm sorry to say that I'm losing the language rather quickly.... kp.

Sisu is much more more than a character strength, it is an entire life philosophy. It is a set of values rooted in integrity, honesty and courage. All of which are good base for a functioning society - if we choose to live by them. Image: Slide from the presentation at the 3rd World Congress on Positive Psychology in LA (June 2013).

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Learn some finnish.

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