Snufkin and Moomin, from Tove Jansson's Moomin  series.  I even named my cat Snufkin.

Moomintroll and Snufkin Go Fishing - Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson - The Moomins

All the Moomin characters.

Moomin wreath

Moomin wreath by Tove Jansson

“‘What is it?’ said Moomintroll. Discoveries were his very favourite thing (after mysterious paths, swimming and secrets, that is)

I could happily curl up asleep with all my sewing treasures but I think Little My has run off with Moomin mama's sewing basket!

Moomintroll hugging his mother.

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Snuffkin, Little My and Moomintroll

Домик Муми-тролля

Домик Муми-тролля