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an animal statue is in the middle of some plants
an artistic sculpture is shown in the middle of a room
an aquarium with plants and rocks in the bottom right hand corner, along with gravel on both sides
two white vases sitting on top of a planter in front of a window
Van Cleef & Arpels’ Seoul Maison - Picture gallery 12
moss growing on the side of a building next to a walkway that is lined with concrete walls
a bonsai tree in the corner of a building with rocks and plants around it
a bonsai tree is shown in front of a black backdrop with light coming from behind it
three tall white vases filled with trees in a room next to each other on the floor
a room with moss growing on the floor and a tree in the center, surrounded by other plants
an article in the chinese magazine about trees and rocks with lights on them, which are lit up by lanterns
a bonsai tree in a room with rocks and moss growing on the ground below
a bonsai tree in the middle of a room with rocks and grass on the floor