Eeva Määttä

Eeva Määttä

Oh darling, lets be adventurers.
Eeva Määttä
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Helene Schjerfbeck (Finnish, 1862-1946). Self Portrait, 1912. Oil on canvas. 43.5 x 42 cm (17 1/8 x 16 1/2 in.). 7th grade students: Viaton, vaatimaton, pelokas, sairas. jähmettynyt, ihmettelevä, pelokas, utelias, hämmentynyt, huolestunut.

Self portrait: Helene Schjerfbeck was a Finnish painter. She is most widely known for her realist works and self-portraits, and less well known for her landscapes and still lifes. Throughout her long life, her work changed dramatically.

Mary Klundt

Mary Klundt I think that this is an interesting concept as a graphic. I really like the collision of the lines as well as the very simple break down of the picture. It may be a little saucy, but I still think that this is an interesting take on an image.

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"Did you know that if you switch the first two vowels of 'Olive" it becomes 'I Love'?" - Olive, The Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Photography Lane