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Darning, Mending & Patching The gentle art of repairing using many forms of mending and darning stitches or patching, to give a second life to textiles.

Deze DIY voor een diamant himmeli (mobiel) van rietjes is simpel en superelegant. Tof om alvast met kerst uit te proberen voor je bruiloft! Lees het stappenplan in de blog. Succes! // Girls of honour

DIY: deze diamanten (himmeli) zijn eenvoudig te maken én betaalbaar!


CUSTOM AD for Jessica F: beautiful HIMMELI - brass mobile

A traditional Finnish Christmas decoration becomes a year around art piece.

CUSTOM AD for Jessica F: beautiful HIMMELI - brass mobile

Darn and Dusted. Beautiful mending. I love the way he works with stripes.

Darning is a sewing technique for repairing worn-out areas in fabric. Instead of patching over a hole, darning “weaves” in new material.



I want my little girls room to be pink and grey with butterflies :) DIY Butterfly Chandelier. So pretty for a little girl's room.

Henry's Buttons for Dorset Buttons - Instrustion to make a Dorset Button

The most popular Dorset Button made today is called the Dorset Cartwheel. All other designs of Dorset Thread Buttons using a ring and thread are based on this technique.

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Nordic Thoughts: Himmeli/olkihimmeli - Oro/halmkrona/takkronor

Nordic Thoughts: Himmeli/olkihimmeli - Oro/halmkrona/takkronor How to make straw tree ornaments