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They thought they could hid her from him, a cruel monster but they we… #paranormal #Paranormal #amreading #books #wattpad


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Window Christmas Decoration by kbo, via Flickr
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a wooden shelf filled with lots of folded towels and a potted plant on top
candles are lit in glass bowls with moss growing on the bottom, and surrounded by greenery
four candles with moss in them are sitting on a table
Let it Glow: 5 Pretty Candle Displays You Can Make In An Instant! (my scandinavian home)
a dining room table with candles and christmas decorations on the wall above it that reads pinterest
a vase with pine branches and candles on a table
a wooden board sitting on top of a white table next to a black and white rug
DIY Projects and Ideas
a wall sculpture made out of wooden discs
Erin Vincent - Black Field- 3D organic feel contemporary abstract textural mural sculpture
a man standing on a ladder painting a wall with green plants in the middle of it
Magazin - cikkek, leírások, tudnivalók
a wooden table with many pieces of wood on it
How To Make Wood Mosaic Wall Art
a wall hanging made out of wood logs
an art piece hanging on the wall in a room with wooden tables and black chairs
24 варианта картин из веток. Шедевры природы, которые нужно только обрамить
a scarf rack made from tree branches is hanging on the wall
Awesome Woodwork Coat Hanger