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a bottle of lavender lemon french 75 next to two glasses with lemon wedges on the side
Meyer Lemon French 75 Cocktail Recipe (with Gin)
This Meyer Lemon French 75 recipe brings a refreshing twist to a classic; a festive and bubbly sip to celebrate with family and friends! Mix Meyer lemon with gin, simple syrup, and top with sparkling wine! Perfect for Valentine's Day!
two glasses filled with lemonade and garnished with rosemary on the rims
Meyer Lemon and Thyme Bees Knees | Spoon Fork Bacon
two bottles of liquor sitting on top of a counter next to a glass filled with liquid
Dry Martini with Gin and Lillet - Doc Elliott's Mixology
a tray that has some drinks on it with bottles and glasses around the rims
French Blonde Cocktail | Sarah Sharratt
a glass filled with liquid next to a lit candle on top of a white table cloth
PEONY - A light springtime version of the Negroni cocktail.
a glass filled with ice and garnish on top of a white table next to the words italian gin and tonic
Italian Gin and Tonic
Italian Gin and Tonic - kick up your gin and tonic with this delicious Italian twist! Campari adds a little tartness and gorgeous orange color. It's perfect year round, but that orange color is especially pretty in the fall, don't you think? #ginandtonic #camparicocktails #sidewalkshoes
gin and campari old fashioned cocktail in a glass with an orange garnish
Gin and Campari Old Fashioned- Not too bitter! - First Order Gin
two glasses filled with cucumber and mint water
Cucumber-Mint Mojitos
Cucumber-Mint Mojitos
three glasses filled with orange liquid and limes on a wooden table, ready to be served
Aperol Gin Cocktail
an orange and white drink in a glass with the words aperol & gin negroni
Contessa Cocktail|An Aperol Negroni
a glass filled with white wine and cucumber garnished with mint leaves
Secret cocktail James Bond and Jackie Kennedy reportedly enjoyed
a pink cocktail in a coupe glass with a flower on the rim
The Queen of Mardi Gras Cocktail! - Planning Pretty
Queen of Mardi Gras Cocktail
a bottle of gin next to a glass filled with ice and lemonade on a wooden table
16 Elderflower Liqueur Cocktails to Take Your Summer From Boring to Boozy