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in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos That sure is one beautiful sauna and with a view to envy. I'd like to spend my v day here, please thank you!That sure is one beautiful sauna and with a view to envy. I'd like to spend my v day here, please thank you! Sauna Steam Room, Sauna Room, Design Sauna, Modern Saunas, Rustic Saunas, Sauna Hammam, Sauna Seca, Green Design, Sauna House

Sauna in Ranco / Panorama Arquitectos

Completed in 2009 in Río Bueno, Chile. Images by Panorama. The project is situated in Ranco in the lake district – Chile, over a dark granite rock at the shore surrounded by mountain cypresses. The project...

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Kuva: Savusauna - sauna savusauna kesä metsä turvekatto saavi lyhty lyhdyt savu - Kuvapankki

Kuvaaja: Jorma Jämsen / Nro: 314754 / Albumi: Luonto ja Rakennukset / Nature and Buildings / Kuvapankki - Kuvatoimisto

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Inspiroidu ja toteuta unelmakotisi - Honka

Makuja on monia - niin myös Honka-koteja. Moderni hirsirakentaminen tarjoaa hyvät mahdollisuudet luoda tunnelmaltaan ja tyyliltään erilaisia taloja.

Ice swimming in Finland - great after a sauna or a roll in the snow. Finnish Sauna, Thinking Day, Winter Wonder, Helsinki, Norway, Places To Visit, Destinations, Around The Worlds, Swimming


I swim here once a week. This photo was taken without sunlight or moonlight. The only light was the ambient light that reflected from the clouds. "Ice swimming is swimming in a body of water with a frozen crust of ice, which requires cutting a hole in the ice. This may also be simulated by a pool of water at 0 °C, the temperature at which water freezes. Ice swimming is possible because the freezing of water releases heat, so that the water does not refreeze instantly." …

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Check some of the best room pictures and designs that we have came across, these are selected on the basis on my own visual retreats and design sense. I have selected two categories for these room pictures, one is of Master bedrooms and the other one is for Kids room. Do let us know how […]

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Баня «по-чёрному» | Дымная сауна | Проектирование бань

Традиционная финская дымная сауна — это бревенчатое однокомнатное строение, расположенное среди деревьев и на берегу озера. Метод возведения бревенчатых стен остался практически неизменным. Крыша обычно выступает над дверью, образуя навес над крыльцом. Если в сауне одна комната, купающиеся раздеваются дома и идут в сауну уже раздетыми, даже если она стоит отдельно от жилища.

Sauna is the only Finnish word that has been internationally accepted in other languages, and there’s no other word Finns would want more recognition for – it is the perfect nominator for Finland, its people and culture. Swedish Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Saunas, Finnish Words, Culture, In This Moment, Join, Building Design, Languages

Join the Finns in the Sauna —

Sharing a sauna with someone is about bonding, about discussing real issues - no small talk. In Finland, major decisions get made in saunas, not boardrooms.

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石風呂温泉 岩乃屋 (広島県竹原市忠海) - 藻blog.


The world's first fast food sauna has been launched in Helsinki by Burger King and it allows up to 15 people to enjoy their burger while relaxing in the steam - NEWS Helsinki, Finland Food, Restaurants, Spa Rooms, Fast Food Chains, Mobile Shop, Spa Offers, Branding, Recipe Images

Burger King in Finland opens world's first in-store spa

A Burger King in Helsinki has unveiled the world's first in-store sauna and spa -- and you can order in food

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LÖYLY ロウリュ フィンランドサウナhのテラス Helsink, Finland Helsinki, Finland, Travel Photos, Patio, Outdoor Decor, Travel Pictures, Yard, Terrace, Travel Photography

フィンランドに行ったらやっぱりサウナ! ヘルシンキのロウリュでフィンランドサウナ体験

サウナ(熱気風呂)はフィンランドの文化とフィンランド人にとって欠かせないもの。 フィンランドの人口約540万人に対して、国内のサウナの数が330万個というから驚きです。 もともと大都市には複数の公共サウナがあるのが一般的 ...

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