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two people are looking at a painting in a room with tile flooring and walls
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the mountains are reflected in the clear water
New Images | Owls Clover & Goldfields, Carrizo Plain NM
a river running through a lush green valley
two pictures of people standing on top of a cliff next to the ocean and mountains
Preikestolen, Stavenger, Norway
an aerial view of some mountains and lakes in the middle of the ocean, with one person standing on top
Lofoten Archipelago, Norway
a red train traveling through a lush green valley
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Flam Railway, Norway
four different images of the same person, one with a hat on and one with a sweater
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Фотографии SKAM | СТЫД – 27 альбомов
people are standing on the beach in front of a large building that looks like a boathouse
Oslo Opera House / Snøhetta
Oslo Opera House by Snohetta One of the most amazing and creative buidings in the world...
the sun is setting over a canyon with a waterfall
Vagabond Tour and Travel - A Travel Agency Serving Clients Nationwide.
Eidfjord, Norway
an aerial view of the mountains and lakes
Lysefjord is a fjord located in Forsand in Ryfylke in south-western Norway. The name means light fjord, and is said to be derived from the lightly coloured granite rocks along its sides.
an aerial view of a ski resort in the snow with lots of snow on it
Holmenkollen National Ski Arena
Holmenkollen National Ski Arena is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions, and includes the Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Jump Tower, shops,...
an old wooden boat on display in a museum
The Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo contains the balsawood raft that was used by Thor Heyerdahl in his famous 1947 journey from Peru to Polynesia. The Kon-Tiki Expedition was conducted to prove that such a journey could be undertaken with pre-Inca technology and know-how. Heyerdahl wanted to prove his theory that the original Polynesian settlers had sailed in such rafts from Peru.
a monument in the middle of a park
Oslo, Norway
an empty road in the middle of mountains with snow on top and one car driving down it
The Road...
The Road - Norway