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sauna like Russians- get sweaty, roll around in the snow, warm up again (supposedly good for immune system and invigorates metabolism )

These enamel coffee pots were designed in the late 50;s by Finnish designer Antti Nurmesniemi for Arabia made by Finel. . . repinned via Ulrika Reinholdsson

interior, kitchen, dish, enamel coffee pots / Antti Nurmesniemi for Arabia made by Finel

finnish design - vases

iittala Aalto Savoy Vases & Glass - Alvar Aalto 1937 - Handmade in Finland

by Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto Beehive Pendant Lamp Artek - Alvar Aalto A 331 Beehive Pendant Lamp by Artek from Stardust.

Alvar Aalto vase

Savoy Vase Alvar Aalto (Finnish designer, Finland 1936 (creation) Looks so cool with these planted bulbs

My fave vase ever! iittala Aalto Vase 6 1/4" Dark Lilac - #pintofinn we have a cobalt blue inside and white outside Aalto vase. It's so fun to have traditional Finnish items in America they are so unique. Beautifully simple and exquisite design!

iittala Aalto Vase 6 1/4" Dark Lilac

iittala Aalto Dark Lilac vases New to the Aalto vases in 2012 is the refined color of Dark Lilac. The deep shade of purple is a delicate and beautiful hue that catches the light and lets it play as it runs around the curved edge of .

Iittala glass. the absolute in Finnish design. I love this range!! Please someone buy me the whole set :)

iittala Ultima Thule Ice Lip Pitcher In modern literature, Ultima Thule is used to reference the furthest possible place in the world. Tapio Wirkkala's Ultima Thule glassware similarly references the icy cold reaches of Scandinaiva and t.

*swoon* Aalto vase 12 cm | Skandium

Model: Savoy Clear Year: 1936 Type: Vase Manufacturer: Iittala Origin: Finland Designer: Alvar Aalto Material: Glass Dimensions: H 160 mm

Helkama Jopo bicycle

Helkama Jopo bicycle - 1960s cycling for all

First introduced in the Helkama Jopo bicycle is a Finnish classic - and one you can buy again today. The new version of this 'bike for all' is an upd

jopo 20″

Made in Finland, the colourful and durable jopo is the ideal choice for those who have already learnt to ride on their own.