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She didn't fast the whole of Ramadan and feels guilty. She feels Allah will never forgiver her. Sunnah Prayers, Islam Ramadan, I Forgive You, Help The Poor, How To Stop Procrastinating, Learning Styles, Forgiving Yourself, I Feel Good, Live Your Life

I Didn't Fast During Ramadan: I Feel Guilty | About Islam

Before Ramadan I had made a commitment to myself that I will fast this year. However, I procrastinated and the month is about to end!

Here we asked fellow Muslims about their plans and advice to continue their spiritual growth during the rest of the year. There are seven great ideas to keep growing #Islam #Muslim #growth Spiritual Development, Self Development, Preparing For Ramadan, Increase Knowledge, Islam Ramadan, Islam Muslim, Keep Up, Spiritual Growth, Awakening

7 Tips to Keep up Spiritual Growth after Ramadan | About Islam

There are many ways to continue spiritual development after Ramadan. Click to find out!

The good news is that doctors can now test to see if a hysterectomy and ovary removal will help with pre-existing pelvic pain Ovary Removal, Pregnant And Breastfeeding, Endometriosis Awareness, Nerve Pain, Menstrual Cycle, Menopause, Ramadan, Fibroid Symptoms, Period

Period and Ramadan – Can We Talk About It? | About Islam

Do you hate getting your period during Ramadan? Read this!

How did you do? Was your Ramadan successful?  Here's how you can tell! Eid Mubarak Photo, Eid Photos, Islam Ramadan, Night Prayer, Eid Al Fitr, Happy Eid, Daily Prayer, Quran, Islamic

This is a Huge Sign that Your Ramadan Was Accepted | About Islam

In reality we have no way to know if our Ramadan was accepted, however there are some signs that our Ramadan was accepted.

Ramadan is over for another year. We all feel a bit low in faith. Don't worry! We have the perfect toolkit for you to stay on track! Blockchain Cryptocurrency, Stay On Track, How To Better Yourself, Do Anything, New Technology, Looking Up, Ramadan, Online Marketing, Meant To Be

Your Toolkit to Stay on Track After Ramadan (In-depth) | About Islam

How to keep the momentum alive after Ramadan? Any tips to deal with the post-Ramadan blues? Find useful ideas and solutions here.

What was the most important lesson you learned from Ramadan?  For sister Zeinab it was the beautiful lesson of a parent's love. Fathers Say, My Father, Kneeling During National Anthem, Islam Ramadan, Quote Of The Week, Islamic Videos, Wishes For You, This Is Love, Islam Quran

Covid-19 Ramadan's Lessons of Love | About Islam

Sister Zeinab connects to her own family's story, like that of Prophet Yacoub and his son Yusuf.

It is natural for our faith to go down after Ramadan because Ramadan is a blessed month.   How do we maintain our faith after Ramadan? Offering Prayer, Islam Ramadan, We Are Strong, 5 Ways, Quran, Worship, Muslim, Pop Culture, Prayers

5 Ways to Maintain Your Faith after Ramadan! | About Islam

Now that Ramadan is over, how can you maintain your faith after Ramadan? It is normal for us to feel like our iman has gone down after the month of Ramadan.

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10 Special Offers After Ramadan | About Islam

Ramadan is over. But Allah's generosity is not limited to Ramadan. This hadith collection offers great opportunities that we can seize after Ramadan.

Answer “yes” or “no” to the following to find out if your Ramadan was likely accepted. #Islam #Ramadan #fasting Flyer Distribution, Ada Compliance, Make A Flyer, Run To You, Advertising Services, Learning Courses, Instructional Design, How To Find Out, How To Make

Was My Ramadan A Success? Take the Test | About Islam

A Ramadan done right should change you. It should rewire parts of you to make a better, more giving, more patient you. And even if you do slip back into bad

What an amazing gesture from IKEA! Thank you! 🙏 Eid Al Fitr, Ramadan Prayer, Muslim Eid, Muslim Pray, Parking Lot, Car Parking, Muslims In Germany, Germany, Places

IKEA Germany Store Offers Car Park for Muslims `Eid Prayer | About Islam

Around 800 Muslims prayed in the large outdoor space to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan on Sunday.

This pandemic shook our over-confidence and dependence on our own devices. It taught us that after all, we are not all that powerful and that we can never dispense with our Creator. #Islam #Muslim #Allah Free Pictures, Free Images, Islam Ramadan, Save Environment, Water Waste, Tomorrow Will Be Better, Come And Go, Faith In God, Worlds Of Fun

Four Lessons from Ramadan and COVID-19 | About Islam

As we have bid farewell to this unique Ramadan under COVID-19 lockdown, let us reflect on some lessons we can learn from it.

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`Eid 2020: World Leaders Congratulate Muslims with Special Messages | About Islam

World leaders have started sharing warm messages to commend their commitment to Islamic principles of charity and goodwill amid the COVID-19 crisis.

 Ramadan has left us until next year inshAllah 😞 How can we stay on track now after Ramadan? Eid Prayer, Islam Ramadan, Stay On Track, Stand By You, Still Standing, People Like, Prayer

How to Stay on Track Post Ramadan | About Islam

Is it already over? This Ramadan flew by for me. I know that’s what we say every year, but due to the quarantine, many of my favorite...

Do you know how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) celebrated Eid? Check this! Blooming Trees, Moroccan Lanterns, Blurred Background, Prophet Muhammad, Eid, Greeting Cards, Ornaments, Ramadan, Celebrities

How Did Prophet Muhammad Celebrate Eid? (video) | About Islam

Learn the authentic practices of Muhammad (pbuh) on the day of Eid.

Did you hear your local Eid khutbah? Listen to a variety of Eid sermons from the UK and USA ⬇️ Be inspired! Islam Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, Beautiful Images, Mystic, Sunrise, United States, Canada, Clouds, Stock Photos

10 Eid Sermons from US and Canada | About Islam

Here are 6 Eid Khutbahs from different mosques in the United States and Britain. Get inspired by the Imams reflections and insights in these Eid Sermons.

Do you remember your first Eid and how special it was? These are special memories for many of us! Muslim Eid, Eid Prayer, Fast And Pray, Islam Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, Learn Islam, Memories, Celebrities, Prayer

A Day of Celebration - Memories of My First Eid | About Islam

I knew that Eid Al-Fitr was the feast of breaking fast. It was the feast to celebrate the end of Ramadan. No number of books, though, can replace...