Vintage Art Deco style 1950s Ceramic Kitchen by HallderVintage, €175.00

Vintage Art Deco style Ceramic Kitchen di HallderVintage, this old clock.

house colour

Example of awning for entrance level windows (bathroom) and above (bedrooms). Pitched awning for front door. Pitched awning for side door leading to new kitchenette. In addition, new landing to be built for side entrance.

kitchen details

I love the floor, but not the straight line where the floors meet.give the impression that they were too lazy to blend the floors together

Marimekko #LGLimitlessDesign #Contest

Marimekko and Iittala … my two favourite Finnish brands xx

marimekko collection spring kevat kesa summer 2014

marimekko collection spring kevat kesa summer This bedding in a room with our sunny yellow lacquered jewellery box would be such a playful modern space.