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Simply furnished covered terrace of a Scandinavian summer house. The bushy lemon tree and potted geranium (or rose? Hard to tell.) really complete the relaxed, summery look.

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Thinking of decorating your home with yellow accents? Do you want to know more about the psychology of yellow? Time to liven up dull spaces with zesty yellows that will bring your home to life. Use it an an accent colour. The Sunny side of things

Redheaded Men Are Finally Getting Their Due #refinery29 Where did you find the models for the shoot? "I started looking at modeling agencies in London, and there just weren't any redheads. Quite a few of the agents were surprised that they didn't have any ginger men on their books at all. There's this one agency, AMCK, who had several — well, they had four. So, I shot all of those guys for the trailer, and from that, ...

This is a boss beard that transformed this otherwise pasty, creepy redhead.