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I'm 16 years old Finnish girl. I love music and writing. When I grow up, I want to be an actress, a movie director and a writer :)
Emmi Saarinen
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*sad noises*

I'm actually not upset that he dies in Age of Ultron because his character is living in the X-Men movies.

Nine offers Rose his previous regeneration's scarf. This is so cool! <3 (Okay, technically Five unraveled it to make a line to follow, but we all know he had an extra ;) )

Disclaimer: Bare in mind that my knowledge of Who is limited to the reboot series. How come this never happened before? The Doctor travels through all of time and space, surely he must run into a d.

Happy 24th birthday Dan!!!

I know it was 2 days ago, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN! Each and everyone of us loves you WAY more than a lot and you inspire us all with your awkwardness and your Sexyness!

It all makes sense now.

Everytime I eat pasta I request for the bowties. <---- My mom and I were making pasta and she said what kind of pasta and I said bowties.bowties are cool. and she looked at me like I was crazy