Finnish Presidents - Suomen presidentit

Presidents of Finland - Suomen presidentit

The Saimaa seal lives only in Finland's biggest lake, Lake Saimaa, in the eastern part of the country. It is a subspecies of the ringed seal that became a fresh water mammal some 9,500 years ago when ice melted after the ice age and it became trapped in the lake. It has suffered from man's actions, in the form of pollution in the 1960s and the 1970s, and more recently from warmer winters and fishing.

The Saimaa seal lives only in Finland's biggest lake, Lake Saimaa, in the…

Lippakioski, Katajanokka. Helsingissä on 20 kioskia, jotka kaupunginarkkitehti Gunnar Taucher (1886–1941) ja arkkitehti Hilding Ekelund (1893–1984) suunnittelivat 1930-luvulla. Käytännössä suurin osa jäljellä olevista lippakioskeista on rakennettu 1940–1950-luvuilla. Kaikki lippakioskit ovat nykyisin suojelukohteita.

In Helsinki there are 20 kiosks designed by city architect Gunnar Taucher and architect Hilding Ekelund in the In practice, most of the remaining tickets have been built in the and All ticket bins are now protected.

Turku, Finland. @Miranda Marrs Marrs Chin

Turku, Finland - I remember riding our bikes down here!

An aerial photograph of Turku Archipelago, Finland. In Finland there is 187 888 lakes (larger than 500 square meters) and 98 050 islands.

Visited by boat June 2014 ~ The Finnish Archipelago from Helsinki to Turku, Finland. The greatest treasure of the Finnish landscape is its archipelagos, particularly the south western archipelago with more than islands and skerries - small rocky islets.


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