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Fixed it, OCD style...if I could do that to parking lots, I would!

Reminds me of a few friends! ~~Fixed it, OCD style. This is truly more like CDO. just like OCD but in alphabetical order. OCD to the next level

Maid-wear? by on @deviantART

Maid Café thread - "/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL" is imageboard for the discussion of cosplay, elegant gothic lolita (EGL), and anime conventions.


Piece by Sakimichan, i love her use of color. her ability to make photo realistic styles while using vibrant color choices. She has a great sense of anatomy and color theory as well as using various textures to achieve her paintings.


Even tough my semester started I can't stop making outfits. NO: Payment plans,HOLDS (send payment in 24 hours), Claim design as yo. pack of Outfits