irregular verbs (with prepositions) part 9

Learning irregular verbs is quite easy if you have a good memory and learning irregular verbs with a preposition after them 'drive along, past, round, etc.

irregular verbs part 3

There are 9 more important irregular verbs for you to learn or revise in this video. Watch and learn how to use the past tenses of these verbs.

dive - dove/dived - dived

What is the difference between dive and jump? who dives and why? watch and learn 'to dive' in an easy-to-understand context

grow - grew - grown

this irregular verb be used when we speak about humans, plants, animals, finance and so many more things. watch our short video and learn in context

lie - lay - lain

how many times a day would we like to lie for just a few minutes? we are not talking about not telling the truth - this is a different and irregular verb wat.

hold - held - held

not a single day goes by in which we do not hold a few hundred things and sometimes we hold a lot more than that. watch and learn this irregular verb in context

lead - led - led

the irregular verb to lead is used on a daily basis and should be in your active vocabulary watch and learn it in an easy-to-understand context

sit - sat - sat

sitting is one of my favourite occupations and I sit for most of the day and I am not the only person that likes sitting watch and learn this irregular verb .

shoot - shot - shot

footballers shoot at goal, we shoot scenes for our videos but the main use of this verb is when people shoot a gun. watch our short video and learn this irre.

irregular verbs part 14

the more irregular verbs you know, the better your English will be. there are ten more verbs in this video - complete with clear examples of how to use them.

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