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the trash of those who are wealthier. This picture represents the Valley of Ashes because it shows someone turning to smoke and being consumed by it. In the Valley of Ashes the residents become consumed by others waster.

you know im here for you no matter what. It hurts that you have no interest in seeing me. Be honest is the tickle gone. Im still going to beby your side but without false hope

hard to be strong.hard yes but I will never let anyone see me broken again my walls have gone back up and never ever again will I let them down.Ice water in my veins from now on no feelings no hurt!

I feel like I'm having a heart attack! You know the feeling when someone you love and trust betrays you and your heart feels like its crumbling. that's how I feel. and I'm scared

I thought he was a myth." "Oh, you know what they say, all myths based in truth and all that." She smiled at him, but this time it was different. Her face smiled, but her eyes didn't.

Girl DJ Cartoon Character Illustration   feeling music Cute #cartoon pics Thank you for viewing♡

Girl DJ Cartoon Character Illustration feeling music this is stunning the colours are so warm however the girl looks more unsure and focused.

iburnl7s:  Keep your head up <3

Strong Souls Aren't Just Born. They are Built By Forging Thru Most Fucked Up Perils in Life & Still Having the Ability To Shine.