Deadly Animals

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Animals which don't have the best reputation as friendly. Mainly venomous spiders and snakes but anything I can find which I'd avoid like a 1 Direction concert.

The Portuguese Man O' War (Physalia physalis), also known as the Portuguese Man-Of-War, Man-Of-War, or Bluebottle, is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Underwater Images, Vida Animal, Mundo Animal, Portuguese Man O' War, Fauna Marina, Flora Und Fauna

Man o' War

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Kodiak brown bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi) threat display - the stuff of nightmares. When standing fully upright on its hind legs, a large male could reach a height of 3 m ft). Urso Bear, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Love Bear, Bart The Bear, Tier Fotos, Bear Art

If You Were Matt Moneymaker, How Would You Answer This Question?

We're voting Matt Moneymaker for President of the United States this November. He doesn't need a teleprompter or notes on a piece of paper t…

BLACK WIDOW SPIDER (L. hesperus) - ©NTI for the Daily Mail. Black Widow spiders inhabit most of the warmer regions of the world to a latitude of about 45 degrees N. Cool Insects, Bugs And Insects, Spiders And Snakes, Real Spiders, Scorpion, Black Widow Spider, Cool Bugs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Beautiful Bugs

BLACK WIDOW SPIDER (L. hesperus)  -  ©NTI for the...

BLACK WIDOW SPIDER (L. hesperus) - ©NTI for the Daily Mail Not uncommon in our neighborhood, but still surprised to find THREE of them decided to make a nest under my dish drainer this week -...

sea animals Bizarre Animals We Never Knew Existed Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Bizarre Animals, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Water Animals, Animals Sea, Exotic Fish, Mundo Animal, Sea And Ocean

'Spotted Porcupine Fish (Diodon Hystrix), Maui, Hawaii, USA' Photographic Print - David Fleetham |

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Caleb is obsessed with learning about the Portugese Man-Of-War. Looks like a jellyfish, but it's a siphonophore. Under The Ocean, Sea And Ocean, Ocean Creatures, All Gods Creatures, Underwater Creatures, Medusa, Portuguese Man O' War, Portuguese Food, Man Of War

Sea Monsters: Dying Lovers on the Beach

"While yet alive, before their tints had faded, they glistened like the fairest flowers, the product of primitive rivers; and he could hardly trust his senses, as he stood over them, that these jewels should have swam away." ~Henry David Thoreau~ These are Portuguese man-of-war; found washed up on the beach during our Florida vacation in December. UPDATE (November 2008): I've deleted all the notes - and it took FOREVER to do so. While I truly do appreciate everyone's attention to my photo…

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Redback spider bites are relatively common in Australia, with around people bitten each year A Australian tradesman has been bitten by a venomous spider on the penis for a second time. The man was usin Australian Spider, Australian Men, Australian Animals, Redback Spider, Tak Tak, Spiders And Snakes, Black Widow Spider, Black Widow Web, Itsy Bitsy Spider


I remember about fifteen years ago, it was on the news here in Japan that some Australian Redback Spiders were seen in Western Japan. And that someone got bitten by one. They assume that the spider…

Something from Bruce's Animals in Action. Hippopotamus - Amazing wildlife in Kenya The Animals, Funny Animals, Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Animal 2, Mundo Animal, Wild Life, Wildlife Photography, Animal Photography

Удивительный животный мир Кении

Государство Кения находится в Восточной Африке. Славится эта страна своим огромным количеством национальных парков и заповедников - их порядка шестидесяти.

Southern African Spitting Scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus), also known as Transvaal Thick-tailed Scorpion), a species of venomous scorpion found in arid parts of southern Africa Reptiles, Amphibians, Poisonous Animals, Spiders And Snakes, Fotografia Macro, A Bug's Life, Bugs And Insects, Mundo Animal, African Animals

Southern African Spitting Scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus)

Black-Spitting-Thick-Tail-Scorpion 3

Asian Forest Scorpion For Sale at Voracious Reptiles Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Amazing Animals, Animals Beautiful, Khao Yai National Park, Dangerous Animals, Deadly Animals, Beautiful Bugs, Bugs And Insects

Scorpions Can Live for as Much as a Year Without Eating

Today I found out scorpions can survive as much as a year without eating. Scorpions are amazing little creatures. With almost two thousand known species found on six of the seven continents, these arthropods have been able to adapt to some of the harshest environments on earth. One evolutionary benefit they have gained is the ability to slow down their [...]