Fairy Garden in a lantern!

Faerie Garden in a lantern! I have one, though I'd love to get my hands on a little faerie figure like this one! I have a battery operated tealight in my lantern, but I like the plant idea. Maybe succulents.

Succulent zen garden. If you know my love you succulents, you know I love this.

DIY Mini Zen Garden via wendiland via genius-idea: Take an old tin lid, fill it with sand and plunk in a tiny succulent or cactus, then use a pen to create some paisley inspired graphics for a desk garden at work!

Zen Garden 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I really like the cabbage looking plants. Awesome 40 Philosophic Zen Garden Designs : 40 Philosophic Zen Garden Designs With Purple Flower And White Stone And Green Plant With Buddhist Sculpture And Garden Decoration

Hand engraved beach stones

Engraved beach stone flower planter zen garden by Mihulli on Etsy If I find beach stones with holes, could I grow succulents in them?

Waiting for winter by *ForestDwellerHouses

forest dweller house There is quite a bit of photoshop going on here, but it's a great inspiration.

zen garden

Sunset Ideas for Hanging Gardens, Lane Publishing co. California Found here Beautiful Round Window Kyoto Moss Garden .

Fairy Garden Houses!

We are having lots of requests here at bowenbirdhouses for Fairy houses this spring. Apparently it is good luck to have a fairy house in your garden. All fairy houses are one of a kind, and each come with a fairy and a small bottle of fairy dust.

small zen garden ... Would love to convert a space bedroom to be an indoor Zen garden. Must remember this when I have a big house!

Daft and compact Japanese garden with Shoji Screens perfect for the contemporary home. * I like the moss garden in the courtyard idea.

Zen garden in Namikawa Cloisonné, Kyoto Kyoto  |  Zen garden in Namikawa Cloisonne  |  by Damien Douxchamps

Japan, Kyoto (京都) and Namikawa Cloisonné Museum (並河靖之七宝記念館). Okay I put this here because it's just an amazing relaxing place

fairy house

I must take a trip to see this, love this sort of self-expression :-) Brightons Fairy tale house So magical ! & its one wheels ! It sits in a driveway of a house near me ,i love it ! Springfield Rd Brighton across from Open House pub .

30 Magical Zen Gardens...considerations for the yard.

30 Magical Zen Gardens

A townhouse garden designed by New York firm, Foras Studio. This low maintenance space has 6 identical garden beds, each planted with a different plant. Clever concept for small spaces.

Fairy house

Could make these with concrete & rocks around a cardboard tube form, then remove the cardboard. - John Curtis Crawford Faerie House SO COOL!

Tree stump turned into a fairy house

tree stump fairy house (Hmm an excellent little house for the faeries. I would leave all kinds of treats for them around the house, and have a fragrant sweet lavender garden surrounding it!