Juha Kylävainio

Juha Kylävainio

Juha Kylävainio
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Pro Tool - Magnesium Fire Starter. Basic Camping Gear

The New Pro Tool Mag-Na-Fire Magnesium Fire Starter was designed for the U. Military this magnesium fire-starting tool is capable of successfully startin


Woodman's Pal - The cutting edge of this blade cuts branches up to 1 in diameter with one stroke. Its distinctive sickle hook slices through thick vines and branches and eliminates unwanted growth on the ground.


Zombie Weapons Just in Case You Run Into the Undead Photos) - Suburban Men - March 2016


Odd Axe Design, Not so odd if you knew that it's used for.

Mazda CX-5 Zombie Apocalypse Edition

2013 Mazda Zombie Edition Black on Black on Black. Comes with a Pick Axe, Jerry Cans for Extra Fuel, and Bumper Guards for those Pesky Zombies