Rare Historic Photos You Might Haven't Yet Seen (Part 2)

Rare Historic Photos You Might Haven't Yet Seen (Part 2)

I dont think that's Abraham Lincoln though. Rare Historic Photos You Might Haven't Yet Seen (Part

“Basket Jim”, Covent Garden, London 1930. S)

“Basket Jim”, Covent Garden 1930 [587 x 786]

Old photos of London and the East End Basket Jim”, Covent Garden, London Back in the days when Covent Garden was a fruit and veg market.

Aging Perspectives- wonderful post...I'm learning to embrace my crow's feet and laugh lines...God has blessed me with so much to smile about.

Aging Perspectives

I want to have a smile on my face and sexy glasses when I am old and grey! This reminds me of Grandma! Miss you Grandma!

إمرأة مسنه تداعب السنجاب بدمية متحركة بينما تقوم أخرى بتصويرهما ، المرح لا عمر له

Funny pictures about Sweet Puppet. Oh, and cool pics about Sweet Puppet. Also, Sweet Puppet photos.


In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Runway models have nothing on her. The age and wisdom along with the graceful beauty and power of this woman is just stunning. I would love to sit and talk with her

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You expect me to believe she caught that gargantuan fish with the smallest fins in a hoop dress?


Series of photographs by Hans Silvester documenting the extraordinary body painting of the Surma and Mursi peoples of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan.

See this Instagram photo by @kristinsundberg • 19k likes

To be determined enough to capture this imagery, takes real BACKBONE and this photographer will be BACK creating similar photographs asap 👍

Vintage Victorian Dene sisters 001 by MementoMori-stock.deviantart.com on @deviantART

The Misses Dene Dorothy Dene, on the left, was the muse of Lord Leighton, famous artist. She is the model for many of his paintings, including the gorgeous Flaming June.