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Cosplay armor with Worbla by Electricalivia

Late is better than never, right?(I must thank my friend Holly of Elite Cosplay for turning me onto Worbla, and Kamuis great tutorials! On Kamuis site theres more in-depth videos on how to work with Worbla and Wonderflex)<<<Cosplay Tutorial


Wait, so apparently I pinned this. guys I have no memory of pinning this and I'm dead serious, you probably don't believe me and think I'm pretending but I'm not and I'm genuinely concerned right now.<<<Where's the Doctor?

Now in Colorado•North Carolina•California-Missouri-Alabama-Canada-Australia-Ireland-california-Canada-Tennessee-England Cairns-Arkansas-Indiana-тєχαѕ-South Carolina Idaho-Finland

Now in Colorado-North Carolina-California-Missouri-Alabama-Canada-Australia-Ireland-California-Canada-Tennessee-England-Cairns-Arkansas-Indiana-Texas-South Carolina-Idaho -Michigan-Florida-Illinois-New Mexico-Georgia, Netherlands,Pennsylvania-

Scandinavia and the World

Proud Finland I wasn't going to make anything about Finland winning the World Hockey Championships because I don't care about sports at all. But then I saw that a Finn had written "Go go retarded lion!