Virva Guttorm-Noyes

Virva Guttorm-Noyes

Virva Guttorm-Noyes
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Lovely and easy idea for a cute valentine's present! uses playing cards!

Buy a deck of cards and a Post-It notepad, and then write 52 reasons (one reason for each Post-It note) why you love your significant other. You’ll end up with a deck of cards that contain 52 reasons to make your date’s heart jump.

Simple Christmas Food Gifts

Simple Christmas Food Gifts Christmas food gifts aren't just for your favorite foodies. A special homemade treat presented in a decorative container deepens the meaning of giving for any loved one. Share these Christmas food gifts with teachers, friends

The Iced Queen: "Monster High" Cake: A Learning Experience

I was recently given the challenge of making a Monster High cake for a birthday party. I was reluctant to say yes, because I'd never .

Dracula's teeth -- cookies, dyed frosting, marshmallows, and almonds -- SO cute!

Vampire teeth Cookies Cut a soft cookie in half, spread on red icing, add mini marshmallows then add almond slivers for fangs. Of fangs won't stay on, use a little frosting to hold them in place -Misty