Johanna Kurkela

If some men are jealous to Tuomas for having such a woman I totally understand.

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*Finland's Beautiful WolfBride* - Johanna Kurkela ❤ Nenäpäivä 06.11.2015    Photos...

Johanna Kurkela ❤ Nenäpäivä Photos courtesy of Tomi Palsa

Johanna Kurkela Photo courtesy of

*Finland's Beautiful WolfBride*

*Finland's Beautiful WolfBride* - Johanna Kurkela ❤ Photos courtesy of Sini.

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Johanna Kurkela ❤ Photo courtesy of Leena Koskela

Dedicated to the wonderful and undoubtedly talented Johanna Kurkela (Lumijoki, [Since April

“For me, the live shows have always been where the magic of music truly happens. It is like a great campfire inviting us all to halt for a while, share stories and let the warmth of the flames restore.

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