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Doctor Who, Merlin and Firefly are proof enough for this. Almost any fandom is. Unless you're the Sherlock fandom; in this case you go God Tier + Grimdark.

Crowley does too. Lol

''Do you ever just forget that Crowley is supposed to be bad guy? << Crowley likes to think that he's the bad guy, but tbh he's like a teddy bear

consulting cannibal trueform! castiel | My art dean winchester castiel captain jack harkness spnfanart one ...

If captain jack met dean (lost the credit, if anyone knows, post comment it for me?

Consulting-cannibal - artist notes: "You guys remember THE MAGICAL GLASSES THAT WERE TOTALLY NERDY BUT COULD SEE HELL HOUNDS!? (8x14 Trial And Error) ever since the episode i always have brief flashes of WHAT IF THEY BROUGHT THOSE BACK and i always hope it’s around an angel" - Dean and Sam and Castiel

《I Think the Fourth Kind is a Butt Thing》Guys, anyone in the ACOTAR fandom? Bc I surely remember the Illyrian wings.

awhhhh :) it was such a natural saying that they didnt even realize what they did<<<<omg it would be soooo cool if Destiel became canon that way.

supernatural night vale crossover | Tumblr

Perfect on 50 million levels (welcome to night vale)<<<<< *Supernatural Fandom laughing in the distance*

lol i <3 dean!

One of the best Supernatural memes_____i just realized dean loves things with three letters sex,pie and cas