Kristina Saajanaho

Kristina Saajanaho

Kristina Saajanaho
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Bend Goods & Gaurav Nanda's Longhorn Trophy Head

Bring some country flair to your home with this wire frame longhorn. Made from powder-coated iron, it's the perfect addition to any mantel or shelf.


I like this picture because it gives and ordinary perspective to the shadows of the people. Also, it is almost like an optical illusion because the shadows look like actual people.

Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos

"Lovers" by Christopher Etchells - I love the way the couple is singled out in this silhouette. They really stand out from the crowd, and that makes this an amazing capture.


Shadow and Reflection Photo 3 What I liked about this picture is the angle at which it was taken from, because originally it is horizontal but now that it is vertical the way the shadows look is very interesting.

Ghost girl...

I am a shadow, A mixed woman in a Black and white world. I am a fallen, love is My wealth, Hope is my light.