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What does “It’s A Lifestyle” mean to you? Is it weight loss, healthier eating habits, the sunshine??? If you inspire us, you could win a signed copy of The Paleo Solution autographed by Robb Wolf! Runner up will receive a copy of The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide.
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crossfit is a kick butt workout.I'm so sore today that I'm pretty sure my stong and sexy looks like a feeble old lady hobbling through Wal-Mart

My apologies to my friends who I actually did show my "ass-crack rash" too, but it was brutal, and you had to see it to believe it!

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A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses A one hour workout is of your day. no excuses

This is #MyLifestyle via @ItsALifestyles

progenex: “ Paleo Diet Flowchart A friend that’s new to healthy living said this Paleo Flow Chart was more helpful than any other resources/advice he received. That being said, we had to share it.

This is #MyLifestyle via @ItsALifestyles

CROSSFIT CrossFit is THE most amazing thing I have ever done for my health. I am in the best shape of my life! CrossFit not only makes me stronger physically, but also strengthens me mentally and emotionally on a daily basis. It is changing my life.

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