What's Your Secret Power?

Nature <<< I have nature powers! It says I'm the insightful one, always questioning and exploring things. I'm very kind to everything around me, and I'm curious. That's pretty darn accurate!

Find out if you're weird in this personality quiz!... I got weird with a sufficiently creepy gif of Woody from toy story....<<<<same

How Weird Are You?

You cray-cray. (This result came with the result of a very creepy Woody gif that I am not keeping with it due to the creepy nature of it.) -Find out if you're weird in this personality quiz!

Which Fruit Matches Your Personality

Which Fruit Matches Your Personality?

50% / 50%

Is Your Personality More Like A Cat Or A Dog?

This is very true maaany ways. I LOVE DOGS, a crap ton more than cats tho. I got 50 50


What Greek Goddess Are You?

I got: Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld! Actually she's the goddess of spring time! I'm so mad what kind of stupid head made this quiz? What Greek Goddess Are You?


What Should Your Fantasy Eye Color Really Be?


What Type Of Witch Would You Be?

Sea Witch- Sea witches were believed to be able to control many aspects of nature relating to water, most commonly an ocean or sea. They specialized in water based magic and worshiped Sea Gods & Goddesses.


Are You A Princess Or A Queen?


What Role Would You Play In A Fairytale?

earth queen

Which Element Queen Are You?

Take this quiz and you might be a PlayBuzz valedictorian!

What is Your High School Stereotype?

What is Your High School Stereotype?I'm the theatre geek, but I'm not dramatic at all.

Let the cast of Daredevil help you decide.---- 25% villain

What Percent Villain Are You?

What Percent Villain Are You. I got villain. Take this quiz to see what percent villain you are

Can We Guess How Old Your Soul Is Based On The Things You Love?---- my soul is 1500 years old, I have always known I´m old soul but that old, but maybe this explains my obsession oven antic time

Can We Guess How Old Your Soul Is Based On The Things You Love?

You have a 570 year old soul that was definitely around during the Renaissance as poetry, philosophy, and art were springing up and thriving. If you find yourself incredibly moved by a piece of music or a poem it is your soul aching for those early days.