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I NEED THIS HARRY POTTER GAME TO EXIST! maybe if we pin it enough it will be real! *blushes again*<<I wouldn't even eat this game would kill me<<<you must be fun at parties<<<HAHAHAHA

This is real. There are no doubts about it. --> yesyesyesyesyesyesyes

Oh I absolutely LOVE these stories. I LOVE reading about what coulda been or shoulda been or might actually be. I get so excited

Your Zodiac Sign As Represented by Overwatch Characters

Your Zodiac Sign As Represented by Overwatch Characters<<<<I'm a Lucio! I'm also a Lucio main, so yay!


The Lunar Chronicles fans wake up to the end on the World War, as peace is settled and humanity is rebuilding society<<<YES! And Kingdom Keepers fans wake up to find out that the Keepers just saved them from SBS

I agree one hundred percent. I love Remus and The Marauders so much!!

I can image Remus being that one that makes jokes and even though he makes them all the time, the rest of the Marauders are always like: Ohmigod Remus made a joke! Because they couldn't imagine it ever happening

Omg love Shane

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