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This may be my favourite of all time. The colours are amazingly well done (and Finland has The Best Aurora Borealis)

Bright Lights - Scandinavia and the World


Edward, Harry and Peeta.) I haven't read/seen mortal instruments so I don't know Jace.

I have fandom boards for some of my most favorite fandoms (such as Hobbit, Narnia, Divergent, LotR etc.) but this board is just for a bunch of random fandom stuff

Cousin-zone? Technically speaking, Annabeth is his niece! Not cousin. Oh and, uh, Gale, you'll find someone.

Ron-beat the friend zone. Percy-beat the cousin zone. Jace-beat the brother zone. Gale-doesn't like this joke.

i apligize but i can not handle this like im legit about to start crying

This^ The Hunger Games. The Fault In Our Stars . My heart is shattered. Please excuse me while I’ll go cry my eyes out.


Hermione (Harry Potter), Clary (The Mortal Instruments), Katniss (Hunger Games), Tris (Divergent), Annabeth (Percy Jackson) and Hazel (The Fault Is In Our Stars)❤

Me whenever someone mentions my fandom no matter where I am.

When i'm at the bookstore and i hear someone mention my fandom. This is me when I'm anywhere, really.

isabelle lightwood and emeraude toubia image

At this moment I just startrek crying

Simon & Clary, COHF (spoiler) So many feels

Seriously though how can you not love Simon, he's The mist precious person in The White series

Cassandra claire, city of heavenly fire.