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Benedict Cumberbatch alias Sherlock

Holmes and Watson have been besties since the late century, so fans should know what's going to happen next on BBC's Sherlock. And what's not going to happen.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener.

Get yourself wasted in less than 12 parsecs with this geeky Star Wars Millennium Falcon bottle opener. Perfect for any cantina, the Millennium Falcon bottle opener features a metal framed body with a convenient magnet placed on the back of it.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternated the roles of Victor Frankenstein and the Creature throughout the show's run at the National Theatre, London.

Frankenstein at the National Theatre. I saw this last year with Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein, and Johnny Lee Miller as the Monster. You honestly wouldn't know it was not written as a play.

One more miracle, Sherlock!

10 day Sherlock challenge - day a scene that made you cry When John is at Sherlock’s grave after his death. This scene literally made me cry.