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Good morning I hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine started on Friday afternoon when I closed my laptop for the day and treated myself to a manicure. I swear it didn?t look that Barbie-Doll-Pink on the nail sample thingy.s shellac, of course,

15 EXERCISES/Moves for Insanely CUT ABs: 1) Low to High WoodChop 2) Leaning Camel 3) Standing Weighted Twist 4) Seated Russian Twist 5) Plank + Rotate 6) OverHead Circles 6) DumbBell CrossOver Punch 7) OverHead Reach w/Leg Lower 8) Coordination Fly 9) High to Low WoodChop 10) Reverse Lunge w/Twist 11) V-Sit w/Single-Arm Chest Fly 12) Standing Side Bend 13) Double Crunch Pulse w/Medicine Ball 14) Lying OverHead Reach 15) 3-Moves for the Cable Pulley Machine

These Are the Moves For Insanely Cut Abs: According to celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson, the secret to awesome abs is working consistently, working in different planes of motion, and adding weights to your abdominal work.

Burn those calories quickly with these moves!

fitnessforevertips: “ Circuit training workouts have the notoriety of being some of the most intense workouts ever. They often combine heavy lifting and high-intensity cardio, giving you as much bang for your back as you can manage.