Hot chocolate... <3

A Cozy Winter Engagement Shoot

Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet, use cookie cutter to cut out hearts and serve with hot cocoa. christmas time must! You could put the cookie cutters on the cookie sheet and the cool whip would freeze into the shape you want!

New snow bokeh light outdoors nature winter sun snow

Light Zone Winter is my favorite season is because of the beauty of ice and snow, and opportunities to be able to capture the breathtaking landscape pictures. 30 inches of snow falls overnight would create a picture of wonderful winter… Continue Reading →

A little chickadee, hanging on a snowberry in the snow. I love how the branch bows under the weight of this teeny tiny bird.

--- Why do you stand alone, sir? It would be my pleasure to stand with you, maybe chat a while. Discuss the stars and love, the future and our dreams I think that would be an excellent way to spend the day, standing there with you.

Because it's winter. And when you think winter you think deer. (And snow and Christmas and cold and hot chocolate.