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A great fine and visual motor skill activity that includes art in the development of hand, finger, and wrist strength.

Draw bald head/face w Sharpie. The paint along the top of the head w watercolor paint. Then using a straw, blow the water/paint away from the face.

Vesiväri & tussi

4 Monkeys studio offers Saturday morning art classes to children, summer camps, 'Ladies Nights Out' and birthday parties. Lessons include a broad range of mediums and subject matter.

Kandinsky snail art.

Cute snail activity with concentric circles. Could also be done with felting the concentric circles and adding to the snail body.

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I'm thinking black cats in wood on real fence; tails out of something that would wag in the wind.

More cool art projects

More cool art projects- grade, white crayon resist under drawing, dark wash water color, black silhouetted fish (acrylic paint, sharpie?

This fun game is a great way to get students drawing abstract designs.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Intro to drawing, elements of shape, monart, This fun game is a great way to get students drawing abstract designs. Students will scoot to the next location and add a different abstract element to their page.

Poisson d'avril

Poisson d'avril - make these into a mobile with straw sections on each part and then string together! Fishers of men

How To Paint A Cat And Moon - Tracie's Acrylic Painting Tutorials.

Step by step painting. Learn how to paint a cat and moon with Tracie's acrylic canvas painting tutorials! All tutorials are free and meant for beginners.

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Plastiquem: Owls using silver and gold paint, black paper, and tempera paint.(add winter hats and snow)