Loved my sister's box town, and this is similar. DIY Cardboard Box City by nessadeeart #DIY #House #Cardboard

Nessa Dee: Crafty Friday: The Box House (fun project for kids and adults!) Great project that could just grow and grow

#DIY toy cars and trucks from recycled cartons and containers

Reciclajes impresionantes hechos en casa

toy cars and trucks from recycled cartons and containers. Love this considering Phil will take an empty bottle over a toy.

@Elly Currin

Almost Unschoolers: Clothespin Button Racer.great lesson for movement or…

cardboard castle made out of cereal boxes and toilet paper and paper towel all fits on a 8.5X11 sheet of paper so not too time consuming either...this is still unpainted so get creative and let the kids have some medieval fun

Paper Castles projects and kits that you can make. And pictures of the paper castles I have made.

DIY Paper Castle

How to Make Paper Castles

This Paper Castle for kids is a fun paper craft project fit for a king or queen. Learn how to create your own Paper Castle with these instructions.