first grade

Collage Trees - tissue paper background, black sugar paper trees and leaves and flowers in coloured paper embellished with glitter.

Collaborative Kandinsky Tree

Inspired by Kandinsky! art on Artsonia could be a great lesson for shape, pattern and color - Klimt / Kandinsky as references

tissue trees: love the watercolour sky!

cute kid art: tissue collaged trees pasted to a cool winter background. Using colored sharpies, add details to create more interest and uniqueness.

kindergarten art class. watered down acrylic or tempera. Strays to blow black paint.

that artist woman: How to Paint Fall Trees Use watercolor in fall colors for the background. Let dry. Dip straw or brush into watery black paint and create the trunk. Use the straw to blow the branches of the tree.

Emily Carr trees art project

Lessons from the Art Room: Forests inspired by the artist Emily Carr