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Tutti dolls: bendable wire inside a rubber body but when the wire inside broke down you were left wth a floppy body akin to a dead fish

THE FASHION DOLL REVIEW: Vintage Barbie fashion #991, Registered Nurse

If you were born in your older sister might have been getting a lot of new Barbie outfits that year like this one - Barbie Registered Nurse - it first was manufactured the same year you were born

Barbie & Friends, 1963

Barbie and Friends, 1962 Sears catalog - I had this exact bubblecut Barbie (same suit and hair color), the Fashion Queen Barbie on the right (with her 3 wigs) and a blonde Midge who had a swim suit in two colors of blue!

Vintage Barbie Buble Cut Dolls

Vintage Barbie Buble Cut Dolls came after the ponytail blonde barbies. You couldn't keep them in the store for all the sell outs in record time.

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Dolls ~   Vintage Midge Dolls were introduced in 1962 as Barbie's best friend.  She has the same body as Barbie, with identical markings and went through the same transformations.    Only three versions of Midge were manufactured, she disappeared in the Mod era and was replaced by more mod dolls - Stacy and PJ.    Mattel used the Midge name again beginning in 1987 and made Midge dolls through the late 1980s and 1990s.

If you were born in 1963 - that was the year Barbie got a new friend - Midge was born the same year you were! She came with 2 different hair colors kids could choose from styled in a cute little on trend flip!

Vintage Midge doll Barbie's first friend.... I had this doll and this dress for her- my favorite!!!!

Looking for the Anniversary Midge Doll? Immerse yourself in Barbie history by visiting the official Barbie Signature Gallery today!