Winter Swim, Finland

Fancy a refreshing dip? Winter swimming is very common in Finland, and what better than warm up in the heat of the sauna after!

Helsinki, Finland.

mm feels like home// Main Railway Station, Helsinki, Finland. Designed by Eliel Saarinen. The building was completed and opened for public on 5 March 1919

Finnish mark before euro

Finnish mark bills before Finland converted to the Euro

Cloudberries, hard to pick... expensive but so good! On Finnish cloudberry is called Hilla!

Lakka eli/or suomuurain eli/or hilla - Rubus chamaemorus - Cloudberries, hard to pick. expensive but so good! Lakka and suomuurain are used in Southern Finland, hilla in Lapland

Languages of Finland, Finnish in the main language in Lappland too, but the native minority language is sami.

Au pair work definition essay Over the last couple of weeks our class have been pondering on the definition of "work". In our society it has been the focal point of many lives for many generations.

St. Olof's Castle in Finland is the most northern medieval stonecastle in the world! - Olavinlinna Savonlinnassa on maailman pohjoisin keskiaikainen yhä pystyssä oleva kivilinna.

Olof's Castle in Finland is the most northern medieval stone castle in the world!

Original Afrikan tähti board game. Afrikan tähti (Finnish), meaning "the star of Africa", is a Finnish board game designed by Kari Mannerla originally in 1951. Until resent years all Finnish kids knew the game. Now The Angry Birds have taken its place, I guess ...

Original "Star of Africa"/ "Afrikan tähti" board game designed by Kari Mannerla in There are even the World Championship tournament once a year in this game.