Mary-Anne Roddy

Mary-Anne Roddy

Mary-Anne Roddy
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A low-fat recipe for pan-fried chicken breasts that uses a winter squash as the base for the sauce.  Tasty and aromatic.

Ayote squash can be used to make a unique low fat, creamy sauce that goes well with sauteed chicken. This is finger-licking good and is styled using common ingredients in Costa Rican kitchens.

Smoked #Salmon #Omelet

My Fitness Pal - Made in minutes, omelets are a great last-minute meal, tasty any time of day. Omelets are also a clever use for cooked leftovers. In this Smoked Salmon Omelette recipe from the Turnaround Di.

Make the Most of Your Elliptical Workout. "Finally something that explains what the elliptical does.. Because I feel like it does nothing." BUT it actually works if you do it right

Workout Habits You Should Drop Now: The elliptical Working out for long times at a moderate pace Lollygagging Too much cardio and no strength training Not hydrating Doing the same exercises over and over again