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The ten folder, finding father without a father. Composer, lyricist and performer, Miranda wows audiences and upends U. history with his dazzlingly fresh hip-hop musical


in cabinet meetings, tradition states that the secretary of state sits on one side of the president and treasury sits on the other washington sat right in between hamilton and jefferson

Both Tony and Loki are immune to the infamous ‘puppy dog’ look. Tony because he has had to deal with Pepper for over 10 years as has built immunity to her and Loki because he actually grew up with Thor, and he’s used to his brother’s puppy look. Thor and Pepper, on the other hand, have yet to build immunity to that look.

Tony Stark goes to rock concerts regularly. Sometimes he goes backstage but most times he likes to lose himself in the crowd. He’s only worn the suit once, and it was because it was Black Sabbath and people kept trying to elbow him out of the front row.