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Mandala half sleeve tattoo for man - Marvelous looking mandala half sleeve tattoo. For those who love their mandala tattoos on their upper arms for easier covering, this might be the perfect design for you.

55 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos | Cuded. I like this one. Though I don't think I would get it as big and with fewer layers...

If you are looking for a flower design to get inked on your body, then you should consider mandala before making up your mind. Mandalas symbolise “wholeness” and used for ritual purposes which can be seen in meditation and prayer… Continue Reading →

Now this is different. You'd never look at this and think "breast cancer cover-up tattoo." But it's an interesting design that weaves its way across multiple points, as scars moving across the breasts often do following a mastectomy. []

Tattoo Inspired Hand Tree Hand may be one of the most visible part of the body to get tattoo. When I see a person with a fully occupied hand tattoo, I feel there are a lot more to discover on the… Continue Reading →

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I love mandala tattoo design very much, it bring to me some good feel and hard to image. Mandala tattoo can fit both man and woman, and the most tattoo on back.

20 Idées de tatouages sous la poitrine / seins / underboob

I like the edges of this against the under boob with the all the dots rather than a hard line----> eh ja genau das.

Shit’s gonna get fancy here @skinwear_tattoo_rimini tomorrow haha… Ok ok it’s actually a lot less complicated than it seem...

s gonna get fancy here tomorrow haha…s actually a lot less complicated than it seems… Vain peacock in handheld mirror with 9 feathers… Looking forward to seeing this lady again!