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Idk why but "training for the ballet, Winchester?" Sounds like something Draco Malfoy would say before they kill him.

Gabriel!! Totally irreverent, but hilarious

We just need a Christmas episode that's separate from regular season canon with Gabriel telling the Christmas story to the audience- YEEEESSSSSS PETITION THIS

Oh Dean. But sam and cas have also been to all four.

Actual Tourist Dean Winchester [Just for the record. I hate you all x'D *crying* ]<---- Sam has also been to all of those

Wow. I've always tried to have sympathy for John, but this? JESUS! My heart!!!

Even John Winchester would've hated John Winchester. <<< I've been saying this for ages. << John Winchester is such a dick tbh

Crowley does too. Lol

''Do you ever just forget that Crowley is supposed to be bad guy? << Crowley likes to think that he's the bad guy, but tbh he's like a teddy bear

Deleted scene of Sam finding a pic of him and Dean in Cas's trenchcoat?? [GIFS] The feels!!

[GIFS] A deleted scene from "Adventures in Babysitting" Cas has a picture of Sam and Dean that he carries around.