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No man's land

No Man's land was an area between two trenches of opposing sides during World War One. The land was filled with barbed wires and many men died if he attempted to cross the land due to the opposing sides snipers.

A link to the REAL medication whos name I used on the label Still Gimping away at those Fallout labels. Working on CATEYE as well. Edit: Changed the Rad Away lettering to reflect the in game conten...

I decided to release this Nuka-Cola Label which I used in My "Nuka-Cola Fallout style" deviation. Just in case anyone wants to make their own bottles. I added a sim.

letter from vault tec by emptysamurai (print image)

Letter from vault tech - could be used for ceremony info and reception info; also for save the dates

Here's a small tutorial to anyone who want's to know how to create the Nuka-Cola labels, I have produced. -À la Fallout- This is somewhat more deta. How to make Nuka-Cola labels

Fallout 4 props Sugar Bomb by maccreene

man cave ideas old homes three rick and morty 4 trailer happens in star wars episode 7 funny jokes star wars for man cave wars official shop and morty

Handmade Nuka Cola bottle caps in celebration of Fallout 4!

Handmade Nuka Cola bottle caps in celebration of Fallout Imagine going out in a fallout 4 cosplay and trying to pay with caps, then when they refuse it, look through your bag mumbling about finding 'pre-war money'