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Quiz show contestants said weird stuff when put under pressure ( American family fortunes ) ps 9 out of 10 Americans asked " What is a quiz show ?


when you add social anxiety it's so much worse! Especially when you really want to talk to someone but won't because you don't want to mess up! >>> That is so how I feel around a certain being. ARRRGGHHH HELP ME!<< this is so true

Very funny :)

That would be me bc i am so sick of french like how do people manage to leaen this language i learn it since 4 years and still can't say a single sentence right

Be prepared Ryleigh for me to do that when we are adults. Or even now.

Well at least we don't have to worry about taking food with April's spare key. We need to get her one of those stretchy things that goes around her arms.

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