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Even he can't handle himself. Neither can we Tom, neither can we... [Tom Hiddleston]

I like to imagine. In my fantasy-land, I took this picture of Tom as he sits outside on the patio of our home, reading over a new script ; I’m too depressed to make my own.

This man makes me cry!!!! So amazing!!! <----------As much as I love this guy, I also hate him because he makes the rest of us look and act like Neanderthals.

This right here is why I love Tom. Yes he's an amazing actor, and I do love Loki. But in the end I love Tom because he represents the kind of man I hope to find one day.

The girl behind him though, I want to be her best friend! She has the perfect facial expression for how I would feel if I was less than a foot away from him. And her scarf is awesome.<< day 15: cutest tom gif.

torrilla: “ Tom Hiddleston meeting fans in Hamilton, Ontario by rayofdarksunshine Spiderman verses Tom Hiddleston by BananammickTime Tom Hiddleston hugs my daughter by Tanith Lund ”