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Skull & Cross Bones Toaster - This toaster just totally and utterly rocks every which way but loose. No only does it toast your bread, it puts a skull & crossbones on it fo.

"Small fire! I said to set a small fire! This is not small!"

I said to set a small fire! "You also said big enough to cook dinner! Any smaller and we wouldn't be able to cook anything! That would sear a cougar to cinders in a second!

Maybe I should do this to my hot pink mixer.

Truthfully, I NEVER thought I would find another color of Kitchenaid I liked better than my Racecar Red Mixer. But this Skull Mixer takes the Cake. maybe a little. I WANT I WANT I WANT

Jewellery isn't just for your neck and your fingers it is for your hair too. #regalrose #hairstyle #goth Photo: @obsidiankerttu

WEBSTA @ obsidiankerttu - New stuff!📷 Shirt: spikes: Venom Art-Ki-Tekt (discount code for all orders on LASplash website - for off) .

I like the wave, but the extra piece of hair on the shaved side I wouldn't get.

When you’re having a bad hair day, just fucking exaggerate it and you’ll be good. 👌 Also, how good was Fantastic Beasts? I went in with no expectations at all, to avoid disappointment, but I really.